USA Today College: 5 Web interview series every college student should explore

TED rocks. As the Harvard of the alternative online education movement, alongside fellow programs like the Khan Academy, the platform features thoughtful leaders as they present their career stories and innovative ideas.

However, for students hungry for such success stories packaged at times in a NSFW but safe-for-dorms wrapping, a dive into one of the sites below is a must.

1. The Rise to the Top

“Uncensored, uncut, unconventional …” perfectly describes the show. Past shenanigans include ab reveals, impassioned cursing and pet cameos.

None of this takes away, but only adds to the amazing content and immediate, actionable advice each show delivers for its viewers. If you want to learn how to build your personal brand or conquer the Web, this is the show to watch.

David Siteman Garland, the show host, has the charisma of Larry King and the energy of an ESPN sports anchor. The uncut Skype interviews feature mostly Web entrepreneurs such as Jenny Blake, creator of Life After College.

2. The Great Discontent

Sound depressing? Don’t let the name fool you. The Great Discontent, created by husband and wife team Ryan and Tina Essmaker, inspires with its interviews of creative professionals tearing and piecing together the meaning, process and art of creativity.

In a recent interview, Cheryl Strayed, author of the New York Times bestseller Wild, shared her decades-long writing journey that led to her “overnight success.” She had this to say to young, aspiring writers:

“I believe writing is a calling. If you truly feel that calling in you, then listen to it and respect it, but don’t expect anything is going to be given to you — you have to earn it.”

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