Zoomqa.com: Be a social media Olympian: 3 gold medal worthy best practices


Olympians inspire us. They epitomize excellence.
What works for Olympians, can work for you too.

Inspire your followers.

So many people get it wrong. Posting minute-to-minute status updates and “liking” anything in sight haphazardly doesn’t equal an awe-worthy online presence.

Instead, make your followers laugh. Make them cry with joy. Make them think.

Be a champ. Master the following social media tips.

Have conversations with your followers

Ever met one of your idols? Or seen the twinkle in a child’s eye when he or she gets a star athlete’s autograph and picture? Imagine if Michael Phelps, never talked to his fans. Just broke world records, didn’t wave to anyone, ducked into the locker room and later went straight home.

Or worse, every time someone approached him, Phelps responded automatically “I’m Michael Phelps. To find out more about me, visit www.michaelphelps.com.

Terrible right? Unfortunately, it happens all the time online. Your followers’ twinkling eyes dim when you spam them by promoting “brand you,” your timeline lacks @ replies and your comments section hasn’t seen you since the 20th century.

Don’t be that person.

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image by: Jason Howie

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