Do you want to be a Zombie or a Phoenix?

We are born. We live. We die.

Then what?

Rebirth. Buddhist followers view time as a circular rather than linear progression through space. Life exists along this same continuum.  Life is simply a form shifter. Individuals merge with the earth upon death to later be swept up into the moisture of the clouds, rain down and feed life. Life begets life.

Rebirth is not limited to only the after-life. It can happen right now. How do you want to be reborn?

The stories in our heads can sometimes lead us down very dark paths. A space of emptiness often makes room for destruction manifested as addiction, vanity, deception and other unspeakables. To live without an awareness of this is to not live. You become a body moving from minute to minute instead of a being melting into infinite presence.

Suffering is a constant. Challenges like the death of a loved one, sudden loss of health, unforeseen destitution and other trauma is inevitable. When a series of mini-deaths lead to your mental undoing, will you burn bright with enlightenment or smolder damp with sorrow?

What do you want to be… A zombie or a phoenix?



image by: Ms. Phoenix 


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