Chivalry Is Not Dead

As I boarded the bus taking my granny hipster styled self up the stairs, I faced sleepy commuters all ready to go to their second life in Atlanta. I heard the dreaded phrase from the silver grey haired Jamaican bus driver, “standing room only” he said.

I am the only one.

I put down my jumbo purse, plugged in my earphones and braced myself for the forthcoming cradle sway downtown. A few moments later, a light-skinned brother with his light blue button down, black slacks and black shoes got my attention and motioned towards an extra seat in the back. Of course I’m overrly appreciative and slinked my way down the aisle.

When I reached the seat and saw him backpeddle to let me pass him to get in the seat I realized — he is giving up his seat.

I grinned so hard.

The act of giving up a seat for women still manages to permeate the minds of black men today. I have seen even the most Boyz in the Hood looking fellows rise to offer me, elder queens, and even munchkins with bouncing braids a seat on Marta, Atlanta’s attempt at a transit system.

It’s like a Cinderalla moment I cherish every time I witness it. It’s why I love my men even when people say they are much ado about nothing. Even though society doesn’t want to knight a black prince …(caugh..Disney…and Prince of Bel Air doesn’t count). I will.


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image by:  David Salafia

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