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My Last 15 Minutes of Fame

My Last 15 Minutes of Fame

My Last 15 Minutes of Fame

What would I do with 15 minutes left to live?

Inhale – Exhale

Taste and devour

the last bit of milk, Bruster’s cotton candy explosion ice-cream, sweet tea w/lots of ice & mommy’s best buffet

Inhale -Exhale

Smell and release

freshly laundered clothes, the pantry, a cupful of dirt, crayons

Inhale -Exhale

Touch and kiss

my loved ones, a child, trees, a grieving soul

Inhale- Exhale

Look and remember

snapshots of the past, the forest & sky, scribbled notes & dreams

Inhale -Exhale

Listen to Jill Scott’s “Golden”, a gospel choir, the rain, heartfelt goodbyes

Inhale -Exhale

Finally…Be Still…Because this too shall pass.

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One thought on “My Last 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. Megan

    This is beautiful! Do you read much poetry? A writer I admire is always telling me to read more poetry so that it will start to infuse my writing. Any recommendations?

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